Mountain Dog Breeding

As a CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in Nova Scotia, my priority is maintaining the health, movement, structure, longevity and superior temperament of Riverstead Bernese Mountain Dogs and Puppies. Our puppies have incredible personalities, confident, sweet, charming and comic, they just love life. Riverstead is located on the South West Shore of Nova Scotia, 90 minutes from Halifax, we welcome all visitors.
Being a breeder and owner of Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1986, I’ve witnessed the interest in Bernese Mountain Dogs grow and along with it an increase in puppy mills and backyard breeders. Seeing there was a need, I opened my doors seven years ago as the first and only “non-profit”, private, Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue Home in Atlantic Canada. Since then an increasing number of people have contacted me in need of assistance concerning their dogs and puppies. Many of these dogs brought before me by their owners are of poor health, structure and most disturbing to me, temperament. Even more disturbing is the fact that a large percentage of these dogs are coming out of CKC registered kennels. A dog’s temperament is not only predetermined by genetics, but also by the environment they are raised in; especially during the first weeks of life. Bernese Mountain Dogs are a gentle, sensitive breed. If a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy starts out in a kennel with an unhappy, dejected, sad mother, or in a Pet Shop living in a glass box, often they can be shy, nervous and reserved. These are not quality traits. A shy puppy can become a fearful adolescent, which in turn becomes an aggressive, fear-biting adult. So please, do your homework.
Riverstead breeding dogs are of superior Canadian, American and Swiss Champion bloodlines. I am active in conformation showing, draft and obedience work. My dogs are all family members and reside in my home. There are no kennel dogs at Riverstead Bernese Mountain Dogs and Rescue Home. It should be noted that I have one litter at a time. The puppies are home raised in a loving, involved environment and are well-socialized. I encourage families to come and play with the puppies as much as possible once they are three weeks old. The interaction is very beneficial to the puppies. It also helps me to determine which puppy will go to which home.
At Riverstead Bernese Mountain Dogs and Rescue Home we strive for great puppies, for great people. Many of my Riverstead dog owners would be happy to converse with you on my behalf. I am committed to them and to my dogs.