Instagram features

There are many features buy Instagram views has, most of them for images and video editing, since it is the main focus of the post in the website. Instagram has unique features that other social networking sites don’t have.

First, the photo editing features it has is very unique among all. Kitchen remodeling Northern Virginia, Since the main idea of Instagram is photos, they have different options for you to have your image edited, filtered, or even collaged. It is already in the website so no need to download any photo editing applications that are more complicated and harder to use. By adjusting hue, contrast, brightness, etc, your image will surely come classy as it appears on the feeds of your followers. You may also add some stickers, to make it cute, if it fits the theme of your image.


Next feature is having the posts appeared on the world map. Having your location on your smart phone, posting it will detect your current position and place it to appear on the world map, if you want it to. You may search for the pictures you see on the Instagram map, or just check who those near around you are.


Another thing is that you can link your other social networking sites to Instagram. With this feature, your networks will be larger and more exposure is given to your post. Not only it would go viral on one single site, but to all the sites.


Instagram also have different application you can use for more creativity to your image and video. There are time lapses, video filters, and loop videos for a comic touch. Everything is off the charts when it comes to editing since Instagram has been expanding, more and more ideas for editing is being introduced for more touch.


Having these features, people are more encouraged to create an account for their own. Meaning, more people, more chances of having audience.